My Enlightened-ish Memoir

What Readers are Saying about Enlightened-ish…

What Readers are Saying about Enlightened-ish…

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“What’s unique about Enlightened-ish is its small step approach to spiritual awakening. What’s most engaging about it is how Gail’s bright and relatable personality shines through on every page. If you are looking for an open and accessible path toward connecting with the Sacred, you may just find that Enlightened-ish is more than an acceptable-ish place to start.” – Rev. Mark Sandlin, The God Article and Christians for a Change


Enlightened-ish is like a guided tour through the deepest recesses of your soul, making you go places you don’t really want to go, but know you should. Gail Dickert Full_front_Back_Cover_Enlightenedishpeels back the layers, one by one, examining each memory and experience—no matter how toxic—rendering it safe, and then moving deeper. If you take this book to heart—and I don’t believe it’s humanly possible not to—you will emerge with a deeper understanding of your personal journey, hopefully better knowing where you are, where you’ve been, and where you need to go.” – Herb Tyson, PhD, labour economist, author, and singer-songwriter.

“What Gail providesGail Author Photo us with in Enlightened-ish is a brazen manifesto of what the spiritual life can look like, beyond the typical clichés and blasé expectations. The point that Gail makes so brilliantly and effectively is that it doesn’t have to look a certain way.  She reminds us that we have permission to declare “Enough!” when our boundaries have been crossed, to curse if we feel like cursing, and to fully enjoy the material realm of existence as well as the “spiritual realm.”  We can be our bold, beautiful, authentic selves, casting aside anything that no longer serves, as we dance and sing and celebrate ourselves awake.  Thank you, Gail, for crafting this liberating and gorgeous work, which in my eyes and heart is already a classic.” – Erin Pillman, musician and healer

Many thanks to Gregory Woods, Dawn Wolf, who provided the opening ceremony which can be viewed here by clicking on the preview. Aho!

2 thoughts on “My Enlightened-ish Memoir

  1. The joy of supply and demand… limited edition is currently only available direct from the Author, via PayPal. Stay tuned for a 2nd Edition, with details about how I became an enlightened-ish self-publishing guru while just trying to publish my memoir 😉


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