My Coming Out Memoir

Coming out of the Closet without Coming Apart at the Seams” is more than a memoir.

Book CoverIt is an informative and entertaining read for anyone seeking to reconcile homosexuality and faith. Combining a Bible College background with unique story-telling abilities, Gail created a practical and powerful defense against religious and political agendas of Christian fundamentalists.

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12 thoughts on “My Coming Out Memoir

  1. I love Gail’s way of using metaphor. Expanding on the familiar closet theme to include a new “house”.

    I also see an exciting common theme in many GLBTI stories. Just when a person decides to stop living the lie of denying who they are, he or she often feels that God does not love them if they cannot change and be straight, or “normal”. So they walk away from Him, only to walk right into His love. Or, in Gail’s case, a fist raised to God is met with His open hand of blessing. It just jerks the rug out from under the religious-mined set.


  2. Gail’s book touched me deeply. Her struggle with her faith, and those that say they have it was to me a shining example of tenacity and self reflection. We all need to identify our core values and those principles we value most. Gail crafts an incredible metaphor with her room and it is the central nervous system her work. The ultimate triumph of her work tho is this stunning message to all, “…we’ll never be able to care for others, till we care for ourselves first.”


  3. Coming out is a journey of many roads. There are common expressways we all tend to share on this journey, but there are also many side roads, trails and paths we also find ourselves on.

    Gail’s book takes us down each of those roads, trails and paths. While reading the book, I often forgot it was a book. It seemed more like a conversation, because nothing was held back. Raw emotions were offered without hesitation.

    For those looking for the quintessential guidebook to flying out of the closet, this is not the book for you. Coming out takes effort, and as Gail documents, it’s one tentative step at time. What this book does offer to the reader, is that is can be done. I agree with PMH and her comments…the metaphors draw new meaning and understanding to the process. Gail also shows that you can take things from the closet that are precious, such as your faith, because you will need it along your new path.

    Having been out of the closet for nearly 30 years now, one might ask why would I want read such a book? Isn’t my journey out complete? My answer to that question would be a resounding “no.” The journey doesn’t end until our last breath is taken. There is always much to be learned from everyone and everywhere.

    Read the book. You will recognize yourself as you once were. You will also find bits of strength that she has placed throughout the book to enable you to push on and to reach higher places in your journey. For those who were honored by a loved one coming out to you, I also encourage your to read the book. It will give you much insight into the coming out process.


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  5. Gail you may claim to have a faith, we all have faith in something however useless that faith may be. But Gail you are certainly Not a Christian.You may dispise the Lord Jesus, fully man AND fully divine, and think it smart to write the horrid things you do, but PLEASE don’t blaspheme My Lord and Saviour. Turn your back on Him if you want to, I wish you hadn’t, but remember He gave His life for you.


    • Lily, I don’t know you. Why are you so comfortable cyber-bullying in the name of Jesus? This was a hurtful way to engage. Surely you didn’t learn this behavior in church… or did you? Most bullies were bullied in the home. Is that what happened? I dare you to say all of this to my face. Truly. Face-to-face – I dare you.


    • This reply is to Lilly…I must say, sadly, that YOU are a sorry excuse for a Christian. For a true one would never speak to Gail the way you have. You CANNOT say that you represent Jesus for you do not treat others the way he did. To Gail: Jesus would take you into his arms and bless you, and bid you peace on your journey.


    • I do believe she did not take my dare… nor did I expect her to do it. Such is the case with most cyber bullies and real life bullies. They actually have no idea what they are saying. It just eases their hurt to hurt others, which is… a sickness and sadness all its own.


      • Wow, Lily’s comments made me feel socked in the stomach and they weren’t even aimed at me. I know so many beautiful beloved children of God who are so full of love and humor and warmth, and so serious about their spirituality who also happen to be members of the of LGBT community. As I read scripture, it says in there that nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are all connected by that spark of the divine that dwells in each of us. Jesus commanded us to love one another. In that passage, I like to notice what Jesus did NOT say. He did not say love one another, unless you don’t understand them, and if you don’t understand them forget about that love thing I just said. Nope, it was love one another, period. Love one another as I have loved you, a love so great he sacrificed himself and spoke forgiveness while being tortured. God’s love is big enough for all of us to fit into His embrace. Lily, honey, peace out! Breathe in and out for awhile. And you might want to find some nicer friends to influence you. I suspect you are hanging with a pretty tough crowd. Not everything people say about God and Jesus is true. A good test is this: If it contains amazing redemptive love it’s probably OK. If it contains judgement and hatred, it’s not authentic. The word you need here is discernment. Pray for Jesus to teach you about discernment, and He undoubtedly will. May God bless us everyone.


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