Ex-Gay Activism: An Identity Crisis

Forgiving Exodus International for their soul-raping ways has left me with a mild case of identity crisis. First of all, when you exist solely to fight your oppressor, your oppressor becomes a part of your identity. Secondly, when you receive praise for fighting your oppressor, your oppressor’s existence also becomes latched into your self-esteem. Finally, when … Continue reading Ex-Gay Activism: An Identity Crisis

Top 10 Ex-Gay Slogans

I need some dark humor before my Reiki session. As some of you know from my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/homospirituality), I’m having fun with what I’m calling “creative activism.” (uh, a.k.a. satire). I’m meeting with “famous” people (who would never really meet with me) and we are discussing some of the most important issues in politics and … Continue reading Top 10 Ex-Gay Slogans

“Gay Rights” Photo Reflection: An Advocate Reflects on 12 Years

In an effort to purge some of my memorabilia from relationships past, I sat down with boxes of cards, poems, photos, and keepsakes from the last 12 years and came across a portrait of something more powerful than my difficult past… Something beyond finding love after religious and sexual trauma… I found a series of news articles from June … Continue reading “Gay Rights” Photo Reflection: An Advocate Reflects on 12 Years