A Brief Meditation on Gentleness

Gentle_Strength“Too often the timid are taken advantage of because we will not compete with the cruel… somehow it is our commitment to strength in gentility that makes us a target. Nothing bothers those trapped by internal conflict more than the peace others have because it cannot be bestowed OR taken away… When their weapons of jealousy, projection, misrepresentation, self-hate, or greed head in your direction, remember that it is a distraction. Nothing more – nothing less.

The gentle are mostly annoying to the harsh… because even if their words bring us to tears, they call us names, they threaten our integrity, or they push us aside like we do not matter, the gentle do not succumb and the gentle will not be made hard in our hearts.

Soften yourselves and be with peace… then, we will proceed toward justice, as it includes a brand of gentle indignation.”

Aho and Namaste.

~ Turtle Whisperer, 8.17.15 ~


DSC_0354Gail is an author, poet, blogger and activist whose book, Enlightened-ish chronicles her spiritual awakening experience after witnessing a suicide, grieving her father’s unexpected death and leaving a spiritual community. Her first book, “Coming Out of the Closet without Coming Apart at the Seams” was published in 2004. Gail has appeared in FOX DC News, SkyNews and Our America with Lisa Ling as an advocate for ex-gay survivors and young people. Her freelance work has appeared in God Allows U-Turns, Encounter Magazine, Blue Mountain Arts, and Outlook Weekly. “For Gail So Loved the World” is her blog, where she discusses spirituality, politics and social and emotional intelligence from a global perspective. Her spoken word pieces and drumming meditations are available on YouTube and she schedules private speaking engagements where these performances are shared. Gail is the only lesbian known to hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Cincinnati Christian University. Currently, Gail resides in the Washington, DC Area and serves her local community as the Executive Director of a nature-based early learning center.

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