Seeking True Change During National Tragedy

“Santa, get your gun? It’s the holiday season and sales of semi-automatic weapons are skyrocketing. My country has once again, lost its soul… from our cold dead hands, our iFears will not be pried away from us. We cling to them like weapons of self-destruction.” – Gail Dickert

Below is a commentary on all the media related to the shooting at Sandy Hook… or any horrific event that gets people talking. Shared first at Enlightened-ish by Gail Dickert on Facebook (

 “Cynicism, compassion and call to action are not mutually exclusive at a time like this.” – Gail Dickert

I was online enough to read the criticism that people have for one another, stating that now is “not the time to talk about…” or saying “it’s too soon to say things like…” and I’m struck by how simple-minded grief can make us all. We polarize ourselves so easily, like sheep, going in whatever direction a post/commentary “makes us feel” in any given moment.

It is appropriate to be cynical  about those who all of a sudden care about gun violence in the US because it involved children but who have never posted about HIV/AIDS, which kills on average 30K children a day.

It is appropriate to share deep compassion for those families who sent their 5 and 6 year olds to school only to now be dealing with unimaginable grief of knowing their child’s last experience was the sound of a gunshot.

It is appropriate to share this post and demand that action be taken rather than pontificating about what should or should not be posted/commented about…

Is it a mental health issue? Yes.

Is it a gun control issue? Yes.

Is it a global issue? Yes.

Is it going to change anything? Unlikely.


Because until we allow all voices to be heard, all we’re left with is a competition of whose opinion reflects reality.

All is real.

Make space for all responses to this or any tragedy and we will make for change… let the cynics be heard, let the compassionate be heard, let the call to action be heard.


© Gail Dickert

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