I am Worthy

For as connected as I am, in my work and in my writing, the amount of time I’ve spent in solitude the last 9 months is more than in any other time of my life. I have a manuscript to show for it and a perspective on self-healing and enlightenment that I look forward to sharing with the world in the coming months.

However, while solitude has gifted me with many insights, what it has taken from me is just as valuable.

It has taken away my fears of being alone.

It has taken away my wonder about what the Universe wants for my life.

It has taken away my doubt about my wholeness.

More than anything, solitude has taken away the possibility that I will ever again ask if I am worthy.

I am worthy.

Of authentic love, expansive spirituality and safe friendships.

I have no doubt.

I am Worthy.

And so are you.