A Key to Happiness

My morning meditation has been very “active” today, meaning that rather than sitting in stillness or contemplating my cup of tea as if it were a wildly vibrant abstract painting, I’m moving about my room, thumbing through books, reading other meditations online and watching all of the energies overlap. This is sometimes called “synchronicity” or “coincidence” and others refer to it as the Law of Attraction. Like-attracts like, perhaps?

Whatever it is, everything I’m reading this morning leads me to this simple post that holds the potential for an incredible impact on the way we think about our decisions and our emotions.

Simply put, what I recognize today is this:

Release that which you are chasing… it is a gift to you that it runs away. It’s a disappointment, but it is not a loss. Be mindful of the difference.

That job you seek, the career you think you need, the house that you must have, the relationship that you “need” to work out, the friendship that functions with so much friction: All of these things do not stand between you and your happiness.

It’s chasing  that which has gracefully not been given to us which causes our unhappiness.

And so, the only option, after that reality check… is to look around and be thankful.

Cherish that which has been given to you.

This is a key to happiness. (Yes, you notice a said a key, not the key)

All is where it should be. Chase nothing. Can we do that in a world that “strives” and people who “need” successful experiences? Can we arrive on our own and say, “I have everything I need right now, in this moment?”

Does that mean we lack vision or calling? On the contrary, we have much more opportunity to hone in on what matters, when we aren’t running after everything that blew through like a temporary circus of ideas or relationships.

I could write about this all day, but the movement calls me to connect and get out in the world to join those who are living life… hope to see you there ;0)



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