Old Lesbians Threaten Marriage

Satire is my friend… because I’m done pretending that Christian Fundamentalists can be reasoned with… too many lives have been damaged.  It’s time to let sarcasm shed some light.

I don’t know if you all saw this but it’s probably the most disturbing image ever to come from New York.  

Does this threaten your marriage?

We all knew that lesbians are a threat to the sanctity of marriage but these two are of a particular brand of terror.

Just look at them!

I mean, the white hair, the wheel chair, the wise-ass smiles and arms raised in some kind of cultic celebration of… their gayness?

Somebody should put these two on the most wanted list!

How dare they be so… happy to be committed?

Yeah, watch out straight Fundie Christians.

Homosexuals are a threat to your idea of sanctity of marriage because we stay committed even when the government doesn’t support us.

We commit when the church ignores us.

We commit when our families disown us.

We commit because when it comes to love… we are fearless!

And what’s more dangerous than fearless love?


Truth be told, this picture fills my eyes with tears and my soul with hope but even hits me with a healthy twinge of envy… to love and be loved in a committed relationship with a woman who is willing to raise her hands in the air and celebrate us, our equality and our right to f*ck, fight and live a fabulous life to its fullest…

Yes please.

Sign me up!


(Many thanks to my friend Karen, for posting this picture with a similar caption :0) You inspire me as always. I love you!)

11 thoughts on “Old Lesbians Threaten Marriage

  1. I’m loving this post, especially the reasons why we LGBT couples are so “threatening”. The friends I’ve shared it with are loving it, too.


    • hey you just feel free to click that share button like it’s your job lol we have to make sure people know about these menaces to society! i mean, fearless love… that’s gonna start a revolution!


  2. The real threat to marriage? Reality tv shows like The Bachelor! America can never say she honors marriage as long as that piece of garbage is around.


  3. I just love this..I am not a lesbian..just a do-gooder liberal ! Conservatives will tell me I am gona trun lesbian though..you know it is catching ! lol!..May we celebrate loving well instead of whom we love..


  4. I love that picture. It truely brought tears to my eyes. That you see right there? That is joy, plain and simple.

    I have a lot of blog catching up to do, Gail. Sorry I missed so much…


    • Oh it’s okay Denise. I’m just here doing my thing… pointing out the fundies’ insanities, telling the truth about what the ex-gay movement is about, tossing paint on canvas, telling stories and calling it all artistic process and community building… Loving every second of it! Thanks for visiting MY plain and simple joy – this online community! :0)


  5. A- to the -men. I love this photo, and all the others of this gorgeous couple. I want framed copies on my walls. All my love/Signed, a straight white Christian woman in favor of marriage equality for ALL my brothers and sisters. (Yeah. We DO exist.)


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