Human Beings, Not Human Doings

Process, process, process. I get a little exhausted with my own process but as my baby blog coos at 5,000 hits after only 4 months of being in this world, I am humbled by the undeniable truth that people dig process. I ask myself “Why are people so drawn to this? What is it that I’m offering? For Gail So Loved the World… so what?

Well, your emails tell me all.

The reason that this blog has become such an inspiration and the Facebook page has become a safe space for conceiving questions that give birth to life-giving wisdom is simple.

We are all open to it.

Openness is a special kind of gift that we are giving one another when we share our stories and when we answer each question with a well-thought out, open-minded answer.

This is not what we learned from the Christian Fundamentalists.

This is not what we learned from “church,” but this is what we are learning from one another and I’m a happy homospiritual hippie right now, knowing that my risks, as great as they seem are well worth it.

Early this week, part of my process was to cut a large piece of canvas from a roll that was tucked away in my closet, grab a hammer and nails and display this “open space” on my living room wall. As you can see, I’ve unleashed the acrylics on it and it is telling me more about what is on my mind and clearly, on my heart.

Incomplete but "whole" painting process

This is especially enjoyable because I don’t want to “do” anything with this type of art. It’s just me being with a canvas, being with the paint and being with the music that I play while I paint.



Not doing.

And aren’t we our happiest when we are human beings, not human doings?

Not cliché at all, is it? It’s that centering point that we need to remember when there are too many emails to respond to, petitions to sign, blogs to read, Facebook pages to follow, and injustices to make right.

Human beings.

Open to one another.


Who knew it would be so magical?


This post is dedicated to the administrators of the FB page “Helping Other People Evolve.” With every post I feel like I’m standing a little more upright in my soul, my thinking becomes clearer and my decisions aren’t based on self-survival but on serving others. Well done over there:

“By keeping your heart tender, your soul soft, you are remaining malleable – receptive to the wonder of nature.”

PS. Please keep the emails coming. They are all very dear to me and I welcome the opportunity to be the person who allows you to give voice to your story, if only in an email. Very powerful! (

2 thoughts on “Human Beings, Not Human Doings

  1. By remaining open to possibility, open to change, beauty, growth, we’re in the mode of accepting. Human being – yes! Preset agenda, or label – NO! The essence of your writings always leans toward freedom and acceptance. Your true being flows through your words, and your paintings, also. Most beautiful art – I see dancing, growth, and aspiration in your painting. Surrounded by universal love and life, itself!

    Thank you so much for your mention of my H.O.P.E. site as inspirational in your opinion. I am honored by your dedication and feel grateful to call you friend!

    Namaste, Gail!

    Much love to you! ♡ Joan


  2. That is so beautifully put. Society has come to try and constrain us to *do* things so much we tend to forget to *be*, both in the meaning of “not doing” something once in a while as well as in “being ourselves”. Thanks for putting this so wonderfully into words.


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