Let’s Hear it for New York!

I can’t sleep, I can’t stop smiling and I can hardly imagine what may happen if I stay up all night on the computer, networking with the millions of people in the United States and worldwide who are cheering and crying tears of joy as a show of solidarity for the historic legislation that passed in New York tonight!

There’s such an incredible synergy at work in this country tonight and I tread lightly on the connection that I’m making… but my soul seems to gravitate to another time when I felt this awareness of national consciousness…

I haven’t felt this connected to the entire country since September 11, 2001.

As we were equally exposed to tragedy then, there is a rush of truth in how we can also equally celebrate the progress of the great state of New York tonight! This state deserves to be a beacon of hope to all who want to live free from oppression and fear… Tonight, Lady Liberty is standing tall for all of us. If she could, I would ask her to energetically take a bow because she has made a statement that is louder than any oppressor’s, foreign or domestic!

Equality is for everyone,” she shouts!

Love is a family value,” is her song.

And more, she has words to the those huddled masses of LGBTQ people who worry that we will have to hold our breath until we are fully recognized as citizens worthy of equal protection under the law… her words are that we will all someday breathe freely!

So, if for only tonight, we can know that our rainbow lamp is held high and New York, were it the entry point to the United States, would extend dignity and respect to all people no matter who they love.

I’ll try to sleep but in addition to having “An Empire State of Mind” (Glee’s version) in  my head, I’m also feelin’ some Flo + the Machine and must share. Let’s believe that the dog days are over!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWOyfLBtuU (Flo + Machine, Dog Days are Over)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APjJwt7rc6I (Glee Version of Empire State of Mind)


3 thoughts on “Let’s Hear it for New York!

  1. Brief commentary on the 9-1-1 connection: To anyone who is bothered by the comparison that I’m drawing to 9-1-1, I ask for you to consider what it has felt like for America’s LGBTQ citizens who have lived in terror from a government that does not stand up to protect them from religious fundamentalists, some of whom wish to eradicate homosexuals altogether. Religious extremism in all forms is a terror to our planet no matter who the victim is so this celebration for New York touches something much deeper in our country and humanity. Christian extremists who want homosexuals to change and who stand in opposition to equality and justice are dangerous. I do not inflate their hatred by making comparisons… we underestimate them sometimes. I should know… I survived it! After all, the vote was 33 – 29. 29 people are still vessels of hate, whether they identify themselves as such or not.


  2. I’m a new yorker and a lesbian who’s looking at getting married a third time (we married once at church and once in DC – primarily for health insurance reasons)! I’m also the founder of NuWine Press: The All-Inclusive and LGBT-Affirming Voice of Independent Christian Publishing and we’ve recently published an anthology of poetry from LGBT-Christians around the world sharing their faith it’s called RAW: A Poetic Journey – Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation. You should check it out!


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